mTgWeb - update your own website content.

For websites that need changing or 'dynamic' content.
They need to work for their users and clients. Never mind the fact that updated content plays a significant role in ensuring they are well positioned on and regularly visited by search engines.

With the traditional model of web site development, where design, development and maintenance is handed over to a third party this can become expensive and not always updated as soon as you would like.
The alternative was to bring 'in-house' the required technical expertise which brings in significant investment.

A low cost alternative is now available.
mTgWeb allows unskilled personnel to add, edit or delete items from a website using a browser based interface.

What is Web Editing?
If we take a look at dynamic content, we find that the page layout, colours, fonts, menus, page formatting etc. is pretty static.

The things that change are the text, pictures, and links - the relatively low tech stuff - that users are very familiar with. mTgWeb stores this low tech stuff into an editable form using the latest xml technology. We provide access to the 'update' service through a secure username/password protected admin page. This page provides a number of editable fields and self-explanatory buttons to alter the content and automatically update your website.

How does it work?
When we construct your web site we identify in discussion those parts of the site that will be editable. We construct a simple interface which you access like a normal web page. You pay a small one-time fee for this service when the site is constructed but save considerably within a very short time.

It does not require skilled personnel or any training.
It is very fast to make changes - typically 5 minutes or less.
It is very safe - most of the work is done automatically - typically all the user does is supply raw text, select photos from their own PC, click a button or two and the update is done.
Web look and feel is preserved. The style and layout are always preserved - only the content is changed so you can't mistakenly mess up your site.

To get started all you pay up front is a £50 fee which covers 12 months hosting, domain name and mail-forwarding (if required).
You also get free online support.
Also included are minor page or layout changes.
Once the construction is complete, you pay typically £500-£750 for the construction of the site and admin page, the on-going fee is only £60 per annum.
You pay no additional hosting or domain name charges - we handle all that.

There is no limit to the number of changes you can make to your website, but you are limited to the amount of free updates done by us. You will be notified if you are reaching your limit, we will then make a small charge for any further changes done by us.

These costs are based on our business hosting which does have monthly bandwidth limit, it's very generous but if your site gets lots of traffic this is something to bear in mind - Other hosting plans are available, and you can upgrade at any time.

Other services are available. i.e. pop3 mail accounts, web mail, site monitoring and online backup services.
Fees must be paid within 30 days of invoicing. We accept credit/debit card payments (via google checkout/ Paypal), BACS payments, cheques or cash.